Thursday, February 28, 2019


Dogs live life to the fullest because they appreciate the present moment - a ball, a friend,
a treat, a touch, a sunbeam or a nap.  

Unlike dogs, who can find great joy in the present moment - humans spend time worrying
about today, tomorrow or yesterday. We are intelligent enough to know that there is
inescapable suffering in the world. No matter how hard we try to prevent, or escape
suffering, we are left with a transient world. Nothing is permanent including our lives
and the lives of those we love.

Religious, spiritual or philosophical paths can help us accept that sorrow, loss
and suffering are inevitable and give us the wisdom to appreciate the transitory
precious things in life all the more. Misguided notions of success-theology, the
advertising industry and society in general teach that material possessions are
the key to happiness. Anyone who has loved a dog knows otherwise.

Dear God help me to be as enlightened as my dog.