Thursday, February 14, 2019

In Politics - Young People Are Our Future

In the 2016 presidential election Donald Trump lost the vote by wide margins for voters under the age of 45.

For those who were 18-29 years old Trump received 36 percent of the vote.

For those who were 30-44 years old Trump received 41 percent of the vote.

Why was Trump so unpopular with voters under 45?

Fox News and Right Wing Hate Radio are not particularly popular with the younger crowd.

Younger people are less fearful than older people in general. The two most significant issues for older people who voted for Trump were immigration and terrorism - which Fox News and Right Wing Hate Radio has taught them to fear.

Younger people have the technological savvy to pick whatever media sources they want and don't have to wait for Hannity or Carlson or Fox and Friends to come on cable TV to tell them who to hate and what to be afraid of.

I heard Bernie say that he won more votes from that younger cohort in 2016 than both Clinton and Trump combined - so there is hope.