Saturday, February 23, 2019

Real Men Don't Punch Down

I was in Montana last summer and saw a young father with his family. He was wearing a t-shirt that said "Trump Strong".

I felt pity for that young man with his t-shirt praising a man-child bully and entitled spoiled brat, who's demonstrations of being "strong" included making fun of a disabled reporter.

I felt shame, that some segment of the population of our country, could be so ignorant.

Saddened that people in this country are hurting so badly that they are willing to give allegiance to a dangerous despot who will use their pain to ensure his (and his cronies) gain.

That level of ignorance brings to mind something Walter Lippmann wrote in 1921 -

"The mass of absolutely illiterate, of feeble-minded, grossly neurotic, undernourished and frustrated individuals, is very considerable, much more considerable there is reason to think than we generally suppose. Thus a wide popular appeal is circulated among persons who are mentally children or barbarians, people whose lives are a morass of entanglements, people whose vitality is exhausted, shut-in people, and people whose experience has comprehended no factor in the problem under discussion. The stream of public opinion is stopped by them in little eddies of misunderstanding, where it is discolored with prejudice and far fetched analogy."

It's shameful and frightening, how some American's - who legitimately feel that their interests have not been served by the government for decades, are willing to suspend disbelief and live in a fantasy world where the current president is not a complete and total embarrassment, but rather someone to be praised and honored. Particularly when we consider what people in other countries have to say about Individual-1