Sunday, July 17, 2011

Super Cheap Tires

My KZ1000 Police Bike is about ready for a new rear tire. The OEM run-flats that are on it now are expensive. $184 for the front and $238 for the rear.

I don't really need run-flat tires. I mainly use that bike for in-town commuting and running errands at 35 mph or less so I decided to go with some cheap Shinko tires. I got a set of Shinko 230 Tourmaster Tires for $125.98 at Motorcycle Superstore. 110/90V-18 front for $55.99 and 120/90V-18 rear for $69.99. The V rating means it's a 149 mph tire so that part sounds good enough. I talked to a motorcycle mechanic who thought Shinko's were good tires and they get good reviews for the most part from people who have bought them.

I'd buy tires locally but it's impossible for independent shops to compete with online prices. I got free shipping and no sales tax from Motorcycle Superstore.

I'll probably end up paying 20 or 30 bucks a wheel to have them mounted and balanced although I've been thinking about buying some tire irons and see what it's like to do it myself. If I do that I have to figure out a way to balance them, avoid scratching up the rims and deal with the super stiff sidewalls on those run-flats when trying to pry the old tires off. It's probably worth the money to pay someone who has the right equipment since tire changes are an every other year affair given the miles I put on bikes.