Monday, July 18, 2011

Seattle: Home of the 78 Minute Summer

I've started to think of this as the summer that never was here in Everett. Very few warm, non-rainy, non-cloudy days. On the plus side it's not too hot to ride a motorcycle and we don't have dust storms, excessive heat/humidity or tornadoes.

Our summer is odd since it's really hot in parts of the U.S. I see the 10 day forecast for Austin is 100 plus every day except Friday when it cools down to 99. That's a continuing pattern there, it's been 100 or over every day of July except for a couple where it was 99.

From the KOMO News | Weather Blog - it's been above 80 degrees for 78 minutes so far this "summer"; 12 minutes on July 2, and 66 minutes on July 6.

It's usually a little warmer in Seattle than Everett so we've probably had less than the full 78 minute summer.