Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Blog Post 2001

I've posted 2001 entries to this blog - that's something I guess :-) Maybe I'll use it to remind my self some of the things I was doing if I ever get so old I can't remember.

I'm in Revelstoke B.C. tonight. Great town - fun aquatic center, music in the street and some cool shops/cafes. Really good for just hanging around and a lot of people are doing just that.

The ride from Miette Hot Springs AB. to Revelstoke B.C. took me through Jasper, Icefields Parkway, Lake Louise, and Glacier National Park (Canada). Perfect day - warm, blue skies with just a few puffy clouds.

I saw a couple of bears up close on the way to and from the side road to Miette. One a mature black bear and the other a cub by itself (but I didn't think Mom could have been too far away and didn't want to get in between the two). I didn't stop to take a picture because it seemed sort of foolish...but I did later take a picture of some bear cubs and their mom that were munching on some grass. Saw lots of Mountain Sheep, Deer, a wolf (a few days ago in Northern B.C. on the way to Prince George, Mountain Goats...but no Moose. Lot's of signs for moose crossing the road but no moose.

Here's a picture of Mount Robson which is really stunning because coming from the West you come around a bend and all of a sudden here's a huge gorgeous mountain -

Baby Mountain Goat that was with a big herd of goats beside the Parkway -

Mama bear and her two cubs. It's hard to get a picture of a bears face, they usually turn around and head into the woods when you spot them (I guess if you're lucky) -