Friday, July 02, 2010

Notes on Concours Water Pump Oil Seal Replacement

The picture on the right is looking at the shaft of the water pump without the oil seal.

The picture below shows the oil seal p/n 92049-1416 installed.

These pictures are looking at the engine-side of the water pump after the pump was removed. The slot on the shaft engages a tab on the engine which turns the shaft and the impeller inside the pump to circulate coolant.

It takes awhile to get the water pump out.

You have to -

Drain coolant - One drain plug on the metal pipe that goes to water pump.
Drain oil - 2 drain plugs and remove/replace oil filter
Remove shift lever - held on with a circlip
Remove clutch slave cylinder - 3 bolts
Remove rubber hose from water pump - held with a hose clamp
Remove metal pipe from water pump -held by one bolt on the front of pump
Remove shift lever bracket - 1 big bolt and 2 smaller ones.
Wiggle water pump out - it's a pretty tight fit with wires and stuff in the way.

Oil and road grit/grime combine in the area so it takes awhile to clean things up.

The two smaller bolts that hold the shift lever bracket also hold the water pump in place. Once you get the shift lever bracket off you can wiggle the water pump out without removing the water pump cover. This means you don't need the weird shaped water pump gasket/o-ring p/n 92055-1271.

Once you've removed the water pump you can access the oil seal. The oil seal is that circular rubber piece with the groove. It's press fit onto the shaft.

There was a bearing dust cap thingamabob marked Nachi 6001NSE underneath the old oil seal when I removed it. I think it's intended to keep crud out of the bearing - but there shouldn't be any inside there anyway since it's sealed. I just put it back in.

I coated the outside of the oil seal with red loctite and press fit it back in with the help of a socket and some light taps with something (rock or a wrench..I forget). I'm usually too lazy to go get a hammer out of the basement when I'm working in the garage. The seal is happily baking on the vanity in the bathroom under a heat lamp overnight. Betsy's gone overnight so I can leave a waterpump in her bathroom without getting into trouble.

I replaced the water pump o-ring p/n 92055-1424 because I ordered one. The old one looked fine and wouldn't have anything to do with oil coming out of the weep hole which is what I'm trying to fix. You can see that o-ring in this picture.

I'm looking forward to getting stuff back together tomorrow and filling the Conc up with coolant and oil and seeing if those fluids stay where their supposed to.

I'm pretty sure this will fix the minor oil leak the bike developed.

While I was removing the clutch slave cylinder cover I noticed the plastic spacer p/n 92026-1263 was cracked - probably been that way for a long time. It stills functions as a spacer and it isn't a sealed area so I'll just order and replace that as time permits.