Saturday, July 03, 2010

4th of July Eve

I was out riding yesterday evening and happened to be in the area of Boom City on the Tulalip Reservation so I headed in. That place is surreal. I read somewhere there's over 150 fireworks stands all side by side. That would have been a dream place for me when I was seven years old but just riding through slow was good enough.

Kirby stopped by as I was finished putting the Connie back together today. We took a ride through an experimental forest and to a couple of beaches at Edmonds. He had his super light not yet broken-in Ninja and I was riding my iron horse.

I came home and took a nap, cleaned up the garage and then finished off the Connie and took it for a ride - no leaks.

I need to check the pressure in the new tires is 36 front and 41 rear. I was heating it up going across the flats to Marysville and the bike's rear end felt just a little squirrely.