Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Leaving This Afternoon For a MC Road Trip

I'm writing this Tuesday night at 11:30 pm to auto-post Wednesday afternoon.

The trip to Eastern Washington, Oregon and Central California will be a bit of a mini-adventure for a desk bound sort like me. I've been toying with the idea of what it would feel like to have the whole summer free - but I'm happy to have some time to get on the road and see some friends and family. This is just the beginning of summer and I have some more vacation saved up for trips later.

Looks like I'm going to be leaving in the rain today. Good thing I've got lots of practice riding in the Northwet this winter. I'm taking the scenic highways 167, 161, 7, 12 to Naches for a little different look than I-5.

High temperature Tuesday on Highway 12's White Pass was 44 degrees. Not surprising considering it's at 4500 feet. Should be about the same Wednesday with rain showers expected there and in Naches.

Naches looks pretty good for Thursday with some showers and an expected high of 67 degrees. Cools off as we go South with Klamath Falls expected high of 50-54 degrees on Thursday/Friday. Getting into central California the weather looks nice with Auburn expected to be 74-76 degrees on Sat/Sun.

I'm looking forward to seeing Tim, Tina, Jack and family in Naches and then Joe's birthday, family and friends in California. I'd like to see Pat and Charlie in Sacramento but I think they are out of town.

Should be fun, the scenic ride to Naches I'm taking will be about 210 miles on Wednesday and there shouldn't be any marathon runs to California - but I'm up for whatever turns out. The shortest route to Auburn from Naches is 700 miles which is a good two-day ride - for me anyway. Auburn to Everett shortest route is 810 miles so if I leave Sunday I may not be back until Tuesday since 400 miles in a day on a MC is probably more than I care to do. I'm sure it's possible - but I like to take breaks and not have to grind out any more miles than necessary on the super-slab. If I wanted to cover a lot of road miles per day I'd drive and if I was in a hurry I'd fly.

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I've got some tools, clothes and food ready to go and whatever turns out will be just fine. I don't have any particular expectations, I don't have anything particularly pressing going on and have a bit of vacation time saved up. So I'm going to just enjoy the trip - I have my stuff laid out to pack and I'll be ready to go. I like to ride so...

Just need to gas up, kick the tires and light the fires - goin on a road trip!