Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bling For The Concourse

I put a Kawasaki Emblem (second row from the bottom on the left side) on the Sears top case that came with the Concours tonight. The emblems come in white, chrome, green and red. I used the chrome color.

I tried to replace the reflector with the emblem but the top case is a matte material so the emblem didn't stick very well directly to the case and I ended up putting it on the reflector.

I had an extra emblem so I stuck it on the windshield.

I think they look sort of cool.

You know a motorcycle is working pretty good if the only thing you can think to do to it is stick decals on it. I still have a little painting to do when it gets hot and I'll change the oil sometime after the Cali trip...or maybe the Montana trip - since the oil/filter is a 5000 mile maintenance item for this bike.


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