Sunday, May 23, 2010

Competition is Good - Back to Comcast

I was happy when Verizon FIOS became available in August 2008 in my neighborhood and ours was one of the first houses to be connected. The internet speeds of FIOS were good, the connection was dependable, and the digital TV package seemed like a pretty good deal. My Verizon package included internet, three TV's and a basic copper-connected phone service with no long-distance.

Not too long after I signed up Verizon re-arranged their channel line-up and it wasn't really clear what package I had so I ended up paying a little more for HD sports channels that I wanted - and originally had. The prices continued to nudge up until I was paying $153 a month.

I tried calling Verizon to see if there was any package they would offer that could reduce my monthly bill, but all the sales person had to offer were ways for me to upgrade my existing services and save money by paying more.

A few weeks ago a Comcast sales person came to the door with what they are calling their Alchemy bundle. It includes a DVR, HBO, Encore, Starz, 16 Mbps internet, and digital phone services with caller ID and free long distance. The price is $89 a month (about $103 after taxes), there is no contract and installation is free.

We switched over on Saturday and so far I've had excellent service from Comcast. The installer told me I could get a free wireless router from Comcast for $9.99 shipping (no monthly charge) - which I ordered. I signed up for online billing and the person assisting me was very helpful. I think Comcast is really trying to compete with Verizon and that's good.

I'll keep Comcast for as long as it seems like a good deal - and if that changes there's always Verizon - maybe by that time they will be eager for more customers.