Friday, April 09, 2010

The Sheep Movie

I went to see Sweetgrass last night at the Varsity Theater by the UW.

It's a movie about sheep ranchers, sheepherders and sheep. It's set somewhere near Big Timber, Montana and in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Area.

I really enjoyed the movie.

It made me think about my Grandfather Crossen working as a sheepherder after he came from Norway and later raising sheep in the Ingomar, Montana area.

I also liked seeing the scenes in the Beartooths - one of my favorite places. I fished for trout and walked through some of that wilderness area when I was younger and once on a two day trip I saw one other backpacker so it can be nice and remote. According to Wikipedia it's the largest area of unbroken land above 10,000 feet outside of Alaska.

There's a funny scene in the movie where the younger sheepherder is calling his Mom and complaining while the camera pans around showing absolutely stunning scenery. It does take a special type to be able to handle that lonely sheepherder life...unfortunately I guess that way of life is pretty much a thing of the past.