Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Enhanced Drivers License

I applied for my EDL yesterday. It took about 4 hours - your wait time may vary.

The process could take about 15 minutes - but we're talking about the DOL. I went to the Everett office first which was my mistake since they don't offer the EDL there. They didn't have a receptionist at the desk so I waited until my number was called to find out I had to go to Smokey Point or Lynnwood. Lucky for me I found a number someone had abandoned so I didn't wait that long in the Everett office.

I cooled my heels for a couple of hours in the Smokey Point office. I need to remember to bring a snack and something to occupy my time next time I have to go to the DOL.

Upgrading your license to an EDL costs 15 dollars. Renewing an EDL costs 40 dollars (vs 25 dollars for a regular driver's license). Renewing a drivers license with a motorcycle endorsement is 50 dollars. I'm hoping those aren't additive since 90 dollars seems like a lot for a driver's license renewal.

An EDL cannot be renewed by mail so I'll be visiting the DOL again in 2011 when my license expires.

At least you only have to renew every 5 years.


It's not clear to me why renewing a license with a motorcycle endorsement costs twice what a regular license renewal costs in Washington State but I'm hoping the extra 25 dollars goes to subsidizing MSF classes.

Just for comparison purposes...

A motorcycle endorsement adds 4 dollars to the cost of a driver's license in Montana. That license is good for 4 years. A motorcycle endorsement adds nothing to the cost of a driver's license in California or Alaska.

Postscript: I checked with the Washington State DOL and the cost to renew an EDL with motorcycle endorsement is 65 dollars. The EDL is 40 dollars and the motorcycle endorsement is 25 dollars.