Sunday, March 28, 2010

Concours Peg Lowerer's - Kneesavers

I installed Murph's Concours Kneesavers peg lowering kit this weekend. They make a nice difference in comfort and don't make scraping the pegs any more likely. They use a thinner peg so ground clearance is the same as with the stock pegs. Given the way I ride, scraping the pegs isn't really an issue anyway.

I was a little worried about being able to adjust the brake and shift lever low enough - but it wasn't that big of a deal. I like the height of the brake and shifter better now than the original configuration - since they are adjusted to fit me.

The Kneesaver peg lowerers come with GL1800 pegs which worked out good for me since my left peg was broken and welded back together. I also replaced the drivers side peg mounting bracket since it was broken and welded as well.

The only potential problem I see is the rubber on the top of the pegs seems kind of thin and I'm wondering how long lasting it will be. Not a big deal to replace or repair if that ever happens.

I think I'm about done with messing around with the Connie for now and I'm looking forward to doing more riding and less hanging out in the garage.

I need to finish off the fairing repair. I tried using some paint from a local hobby store on the repair - but it doesn't match, and looks worse than no paint to me. I ordered a can of OEM color paint from ColorRite. I'm going to wait for some warm dry weather before I sand off the mis-matched paint and put on the matching color.

I'm also replacing the right side fairing rubber strip since it was damaged when the bike was laid down and the metal clamp inside the strip is exposed in places and showing some rust.

I plan to pull the luggage top box so I can sand and paint the bracket. It's a home-made job and showing a little rust too - or I might end up using some aluminum pieces after I have look at that bracket.

It's been fun riding to work most everyday (except a few when it was freezing and icy) but I'm really looking forward to warm dry weather so I can take some longer weekend and after work rides. There are a lot of interesting roads and places in the local area that make aimless motorcycle riding fun.