Saturday, December 06, 2003

The Best Way to Know God is to Love Many Things - Insanity Why Not?

Hello and a good Saturday to you.

I'm coming off a bad case of the Fujian. Man that was some tough flu. Funny how things sort of come in bunches sometimes. Just in the last few months my dog died, found out my liver is dying, my mom died. I guess it isn't really that funny. Ahhh life is a vale of tears...the good thing is we have lots of crunchy snack foods to make us happy

  • Crispy Snacks

  • I added a couple of links to my blog. I really like that Buddhist/Zen/Meditation Interlude site that Tom Barrett runs. Great thoughts of the day, meditations and things. In my humble opinion a fine use of bandwidth (as opposed to this garbola).

    Today's thought over there is -

    "The best way to know God is to love many things." - Vincent Van Gogh

    I like that.

    That quote from Vinnie makes me think about something else I wanted to touch on...Have you ever thought about being insane?

    How much fun it might be? How scary? Painful? Exciting? Maybe really being alive for a change?

    I was insane once but now I'm certified sane. Isn't that an old joke? I've delved on the edges and fallen in now and's really not all that bad. On the other hand my insanity isn't your insanity. For you it might be hell. I'm sorry.

    It's very hard to describe this to someone who hasn't been there. Let me say this - some of the funniest, most alive, people I've ever met would be considered insane I suppose, (they were institutionalized). I don't know where this is going...I guess just don't worry so much if you are a little's okay. Everyone is or should be. Just be nice to other people...try to laugh.

    Back in the 70's an old friend of mine once went off the deep end and thought he was running for public office. One of his first campaign moves was a one-man march on Washington DC. This was back in Montana. The cops picked him up walking nude on the interstate about 1/4 mile out of town. He was really a nice guy and funny. Never hurt anybody. He had some chemical imbalance or something and every once in awhile he'd do something really weird and they'd put him in the loony bin and then he'd be okay again. The thing I always thought when I talked to him was that he had sort of a twinkle in his eye like "I know what I did was just friggin crazy..but I don't's sort of like really bizarre funny performance art." Cool. To me much better than being so careful.

    Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance about Robert Pirsig's journey into madness. It's a little more painful than my own or my old friends journey. Worth a read maybe though. I remember hearing this guy on NPR who had some mental illness. At one time he thought he was a champion horse jumper in England or something like that. The part of the interview that stuck in my mind was that he said how "alive" he felt when he was crazy...he missed it.

    So what to do today? Maybe go a little crazy. or maybe just cook a nice pot of

    Get Over the Flu Chicken Soup

    Make your mirepoix (saute some onions, carrots and celery in a soup kettle)
    Brown some chicken in that kettle too.
    I made some soup with chicken drumsticks the other day and it worked pretty good because the bones and skin and stuff add flavor (if you made a soup with a chicken breast you might want to add some boullion to flavor)
    I like to add garlic, salt and pepper.
    You might add noodles or rice.

    What else could you throw in there? Barley? Probably not peas. Corn, green beans, peppers. Sorry if this isn't detailed enough for you. If you really like eating the same thing all the time buy yourself a can of Campbell's soup. One thing about my recipes is that you never get the same thing twice. I like the Zen nature of that perfect slightly cracked teapot (soup) whatever that only lives in that moment.

    Add some stock if you are a real cook cook like in a cafe (stock is made from vegetable cuttings, chicken parts etc and left to simmer in a stock pot)....most home cooks don't have time for that.

    Add some chicken boullion and water for flavor. Eat your soup and stay warm now.

    Just one last thing...I have to tell you about something I heard on the radio yesterday (It's about soup).

    Somewhere near where I live is a soup factory of some sort. It's like Larry's Natural Soups or some odd name like that. Anyway the neighbors around where this soup factory is have been complaining to the city about the smell. I can't quite imagine what kind of soup Larry is cooking that it causes odors that are considered pollutants by his neighbors. Here's the kicker...the city bought Larry's land. They are putting in what they are calling the BrightWater sewage treatment plant. I can see some city planner saying, "You want to whine about smell? I'll give ya something to whine about..."

    Did you hear about the lady in Houston who ran over a McDonald's manager because they wouldn't put mayo on her cheeseburger? I guess she thought she was at BK. I loved the old Belushi skits about no Coke Pepsi cheeseburger cheeseburger. If that lady ever comes into Jacks after she gets out of the pen I'll give her all the mayo she wants. I can't run as fast as I used to.

    Peace to you and your's.