Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Let's Talk About Sweden, Denmark and Norway

If you could listen to one Podcast that would help you understand why the U.S.A. is falling behind most other developed nations in education, health care, life expectancy, poverty rates and productivity I would highly recommend listening to this episode from the Podcast "Best of the Left".

The Joy of Tax (Comparing the US and Scandinavian Systems)

You won't hear this version of history from the mainstream media which is unfortunate because without informed citizens we can't have a representative democracy. The plutocrats who bought the politicians and own the media don't want an informed electorate because the system works for them.

I'm sure that sounds wild-eyed and conspiratorial to many people but give the Podcast a listen and see what you think.

Spoiler alert - One of the conclusions near the end of the podcast is that the polarization we see in today's society is actually a good thing because it opens a window for informed citizens to push back against the corporate money and ultra-wealthy individuals who have controlled government since the 1980's.

This polarization provides informed citizens  an opportunity to institute a government that represents the people.

There's a reason Donald Trump said he loves the poorly educated. It's the same reason the GOP, Corporate Democrats and corporate owned media have cultivated a culture of ignorance for the last four decades - because they are owned by the ruling class.


If you have time, and like to read, the book Captured The Corporate Infiltration of American Democracy written by, former federal prosecutor and current Senator from Rhode Island Sheldon Whitehouse, is informative. Here's an interview with Senator Whitehouse about the book on C-Span Book TV. It's almost an hour long - if you don't have that kind of time just listen to the last 2 minutes.

Get Educated - Get Informed - Get Involved - Vote!