Thursday, June 13, 2019

These People are Not Your Friends

What people you ask?

The people formally known as corporations.

The corporate controlled Supreme Court and their court jesters decided that corporations weren't faceless entities created to maximize profit and minimize liability but were something akin to a person with free speech rights which translates to mean - the right for the wealthiest people in our country to buy any politician or judge they see fit. These people at the tippy top own the mass media and engineer it to make it difficult for everyday people to see what has happened.  Not to lose hope though - the tippy top of anything is unstable and can be knocked over - you just have to find the right way, and the right place, to push.

The link above about a corporate controlled Supreme Court is from 2010. The ideological bent of the court is way more "conservative" today than it was then. It's important to understand the the word "conservative" as it's used today by the mass media refers to the ultra wealthy class of people who want to "conserve" their wealth and power.

The so-called conservative issues in the media like right to life, gun rights, religious rights, right to work are all issues used by the tippy top to gain and retain power by dividing everyday people and encourage them to battle each other rather than the true sources of their oppression, exploitation and dehumanization. A conservative free market capitalist is a logical impossibility given capitalism's inherent disruptive nature on society, culture and people.

If you think this just sounds like some conspiracy minded nut talk, pause for a bit and look around you. You'll have to put down the smart phone, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter etc. and their unending titillating streams for a moment to figure some of this out. All those distractions just keep us off balance and confused (or at least me anyway). It's not hard to see what's going on but it takes some focus.

The decades long takeover of government, courts and the media by plutocrats is essentially complete. How do I know this?

Once the very wealthiest people have control of those three levers of power we start to see a society filled with corruption where everything is designed to give more power to the powerful and less power to those without a voice.

I could cite an unending number of examples demonstrating this - failing public schools, failing health care systems, for profit prisons, militarized often unaccountable police forces, useless unending infinitum.

A sad, dangerous and outrageous example of this takeover is the price of insulin.

Real people, everyday people, need to come together stand up and say we're mad as hell and we aren't going to take this anymore - in the media, at the ballot box and in the streets. The fight (and it will be a fight) won't be easy or short. It will be worth it for this and future generations.