Monday, October 13, 2008

Who's Terrorizing Who?

The Truth will set you free.

Fight The Smears cites articles from, The New York Times, The Associated Press, CNN, The Washington Post, The Detroit Free Press, and The Chicago Sun Times that explain how ridiculous the claim is that Barack Obama being on a board, and at a political fundraiser, that included William Ayers, has anything to do with Barack Obama's character or political views.

Part of what makes this baseless attack on Barack Obama scary is the implication that there is no free press - we can't trust anyone.

That should strike terror in the hearts of everyone who believes a functioning democracy depends on an informed citizenry.


Another talking point that's being repeated is that Barack Obama praised a book written by William Ayers. The next time some drone says or writes that Barack Obama said something good about one of William Ayer's books, ask them if they are talking about 1. To Become a Teacher: Making a Difference in Children's Lives or 2. A Kind and Just Parent or 3. The Good Preschool Teacher or one of the other 13 books William Ayer's has written.

The correct answer is number 2. If they get that right you can ask them if they would like to burn that book, or make sure more people read it since it's been praised by the Library Review, Kirkus Reviews, Review - among others - for describing how the the juvenile justice system can eliminate a child's chance for redemption, and for providing hope that the system can be changed to give children a chance.


A whisper campaign of guilt by association - based on someone being at a fundraiser, serving on a board, and saying someone wrote something useful for people who want to help children - but not listening when Barack Obama says William Ayer's acts as a Weatherman 40 years ago were "detestable", or reading numerous reputable newspapers that say the connection is absurd - is intended to appeal to a person's gut, not their head. It's a perfect example of what Stephen Colbert so aptly defined as Truthiness.

If we wanted to talk about guilt by association there are much closer ties between John McCain and G. Gordon Liddy that bear some consideration when deciding on who to vote for as the next president.