Monday, October 27, 2008

Fox News - Cross Between Infomercial and The X Files

Bill Burton, an Obama campaign spokesperson, does a great job of making those poor Fox News talking heads look silly. At one point in the interview he says, "Fox News is a cross between an infomercial and the X files."

The first video is interesting in it's attempt to not so subliminally influence what people are thinking by putting up wanted posters and scary pictures on the split screen while Bill Burton calmly and logically explains what's going on - you almost can't hear what he's saying because the graphics are so intense.

One of the anchors says Fox News keeps echoing things that don't matter because "that's what the viewers want." I suppose some segment of the population wants fake news from Fox just like readers of the Weekly World News want to read about the manigator that upset a McCain rally recently or a 9 foot tall cyclops who joined the NBA.

In the second video the anchor says there was a Rasmussen poll that shows Americans' think Fox News is the least biased network. That doesn't sound right to me.

I can't find that poll on the internet, but there is a Rasmussen report that says 87% of Fox Viewers said they are likely to vote for John McCain. Maybe she was talking about a poll of Fox News viewers who agree with each other that Fox News is the only news source they can trust.

Every other news source is reporting real news about the economy, unemployment, and other things that actually impact people's lives - which isn't nearly as much fun as an endless loop of attacks, conspiracies and interviews with a plumber expounding on economics, tax policy, and now foreign affairs.