Thursday, October 09, 2008

After The Bailout

I was listening to All Things Considered tonight and heard a funny story from from Romanian poet and novelist Andrei Codrescu — For $700 billion, every able-bodied American could have a chain saw, a solar-powered generator and a stake in a communal well and windmill. Also, red dirt and plum trees.

The podcast of the story is at After The Bailout : NPR


Anonymous said...

The 2 Fraud’s of 1913 : The IRS and The Federal Reserve
Add this to the history books.

The New World Order: all the banks work together. They control the governments and they control the laws of the world and we’re going to have to be forced to listen to these laws…and the laws are about controlling us, not giving us freedom…and unless we get back to our idea of individual rights and individual freedoms and allow to express yourself in the way you want, we’re going to lose this game. Unless people get active and say “I’m going to shut down the Federal Reserve system”, “I’m going to shut down the powers that be, we’re doomed otherwise. The Federal Reserve is part of the Communist Manifesto” Aaron Russso movie - America: Freedom to Fascism

Here is what can be done to change our course:
“Congress has the legal authority to shut down the Federal Reserve System. (Interviewee says: “But they don’t have the courage to do it…”) Aaron responds: If we mass protest it and tell every politician that they have to listen to world of people and not to the world Federal Reserves Bankers, or we are going to vote you out of office unless you sign an affidavit saying that you’re going to shut down the Federal Reserve System and that will be the litmus test on who to vote for.

Not whether Democrats or republicans, but will you sign an affidavit stating that I shut down the Fed R. I will be part of shutting down the Fed R. system, I will vote to shut it down and drop all the other issues - gun control, environment etc… temporarily because nothing’s going to matter if you don’t get rid of the Federal Reserve, so if we can get everyone to focus on the Federal Reserve System, that like a laser beam, and drop all of the other stuff temporarily, and just shut them down, you’ll have a chance at saving the county. That’s what it’s going to take and we can still do it because congress has the authority to do it and congress needs you and me to vote for them to get back into office. Aaron Russo - Interview

“Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, the founders of this country fought against the creation of a central bank.”

“Probably is NO gold in Fort Knox. We no longer have a gold backed currency anymore….Treasury which owns the gold on behalf of the American people has given the gold to Federal Reserve (Private Bankers) as collateral for the dollars these bankers print out of thin air. The Federal Reserve have basically swindled (with the cooperation of Congress and the government) the American people by basically taking all our wealth/gold and giving us this piece of paper (dollars) that ultimately have no value, it’s just a piece of paper with a backing to it = Fiat Currency (Federal Reserve Bankers can make it out of think air, all they want). Now we don’t even have paper anymore, just digits out of thin air on a computer. Gives them power to control the government.

They can own everything they want .Whoever makes the money makes the rules, America has gone from being a nation of people who owning their own property their own businesses to being a nation in debt. People don’t own their own houses anymore. Fed reserve system is one that encourages debt ie. interest, income tax, inflation. They get you into the system very early ie. university borrowing etc…. As long as you have a Feral Reserve System, you don’t have a choice. The higher prices of things, cost of things over the years have comes because they print so much money.

Abraham Lincoln fought this fight, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson etc…
Don’t believe that you must be controlled by their use of R.f identification chips, identification and tracking systems, G.P.S tracking, blue tooth technology, passports, social insurance numbers, National Id. cards, eventually it will eventually end up in our bodies etc…Don’t fall for it. It’s slavery, pretty soon, they will turn off my chip and I won’t be able to purchase food. Why don’t they just shut down borders and prevent criminals, terrorists from coming into the country…. It’s about government wanting one central World Bank to control everything. There are central banks all over the world, so we are not the only ones. It’s all about central banks making deals with each other and controlling their own governments.” Aaron Russo

“There is nothing radical about it (abolishing the IRS). To me the radical idea is overspending, over borrowing and then resorting to printing money when you run out of it and then you wonder why you have financial problems — or borrowing out from the Chinese to finance our military operation. I mean, most Americans are waking up to this” Ron Paul

Aaron Russo in a conversation with Rockefeller had this told to him (Interview with Aaron Russo in his own words):

“Aaron, remember that whole thing with women’s lib, it was the biggest thing, it was in all the magazines and in television…women’s lib, women have a right to work just like they have they had right to vote, and you make sure that you have a right to work and they fight for women’s lib… and right to work; We were promoting that whole thing. The counsel on fraud relations and the fed reserve, because we wanted to put to get women in the workforce, we wanted to be able to tax them, that’s why you saw it in the newspapers all the time and the added plus was so that then they had to put their children in childcare, into schools early so that we could control their minds starting at a young age. You called it women’s lib, but it was about giving us control.” - Rockefeller

As long as you have a Feral Reserve System, you don’t have a choice. The Democrats and Republicans (remember that those who control government have their own player on both sides so that they know the outcome of the political game, the political races for who gets into government etc… – they control. There is no element of democracy, we live in a fascist society. We are the ones who are deceived into thinking that we as North Americans are divided Democrats and Republicans, Liberal and Conservative, when in fact it is all a way to distract us from the real issues at hand: The corruption of the Federal Reserve and the IRS and the illegality of the personal income tax we are forced to pay to live in this country.

P.S. What are the OVER 800 INTERNMENT CAMPS underground that are secretly being built each day in America for?

P.P.S. In case you thought we as Canadians were immune to all of this, remember that we are the 13th Federal Reserve district.

Let’s make this part of the history books:

The North American Revolution of 2008: The shutting down of the Federal Reserve System

*If you have not already, find a copy of the film by Aaron Russo “America: Freedom to Fascism” or
do your own research for a huge existing resource of documentation. This film is only one document.

Jack said...

I'm a strong supporter of individual liberty and fighting fascism.

We have to be on guard against any government that wants to take away our individual freedoms - life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The movement of a democratic industrialized nationalistic country with a high standard of living and divisions based on class, culture, and or ethnicity tends toward fascism, not socialism as some would have us believe.

I'm one of those old fashioned guys who thinks paying taxes is patriotic - because there are certain things I want the government to do - provide for public safety via police and a military, build roads, airports, bridges...that kind of thing.

I'm not up on economic theory so I don't know what shutting down the Federal Reserve would do. Milton Friedman was in favor of abolishing the Federal Reserve so at least one Nobel Prize winning economist thinks that's the thing to do.