Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Oh My - It Can't Really Be Over Already

Conservative columnist Peggy Noonan and former McCain campaign manager Mike Murphy having a little chat with NBC's Mike Todd about what impact Sarah Palin will have on John McCain's presidential bid - after the camera's, but not the microphones, were turned off.

Peggy Noonan says, "it's over."

Hot Mic Picks Up Noonan and Murphy Dishing on Palin | The Trail |

Here's a video that I thought was pretty funny. There's more jokes here and videos here


If you want to read the strange but apparently true story about Sarah Palin's last childbirth experience, it's in this April 22, 2008 Anchorage Daily News article. If you aren't familiar with the story, she was in Dallas when her water broke, but instead of going to the hospital she gave a speech, got on a plane to Anchorage that stopped in Seattle, and once in Anchorage drove an hour to a small hospital in Wasilla.


In some other exciting campaign news Barack Obama is going to be on Bill O'Reilly's show on Fox tomorrow night at 8 pm EDT. That's one hour before John McCain addresses the RNC.

I hope it goes better for Bill than the last time he tried to get Barack Obama's attention and ended up shoving a staffer and shouting some obscenities (part of his self-proclaimed efforts to uphold his constitutional rights to shove a guy trying to do his job and then call him a "son of a bitch"). If an ordinary citizen would have done that it would have been a  "don't taz me bro" situation.

It's funny to watch the calm reaction of the Obama staffer to O'Reilly's antics.