Saturday, September 13, 2008

Barack Obama and Joe Biden - A Clear Choice

I'm afraid that over the last two weeks I've lost the main point of why Barack Obama's campaign has energized so many people, given them hope for a better future, and why we believe he is going to make such a great President.

I became fixated on the cable TV news and talk radio chatter about the Republican parties candidates.

Now that the excitement is starting to wear off and I've found ten or a hundred reasons why they aren't the right choice - I want to say, "who cares?"...but of course all members of a Democracy have an obligation to remain informed. The challenge is that since the Friday after the DNC ended all eyes have been focused on the Republican parties newest candidate - taking people's attention away from the real issues and forcing them to do their best to figure out who this new person on the stage is.

Naming an unknown person as the VP candidate was a skillful diversion perfectly timed to occur on the Friday when we should have been talking about Barack Obama's historic speech in Denver on Thursday given 45 years to the day after Dr. Martin Luther King's I Have a Dream speech. We should have been talking about those dreams, Barack Obama's plans, and the future - and maybe now we can.

There are honorable good people on both sides and anyone with access to the internet, a relatively open mind and the ability to analyze facts can figure out for themselves who to support.

Barack Obama has given hope to a very diverse group of people which is a great thing and will prove very beneficial after he is elected. I believe his liberal message of hope and change will lead us into the future that allows all people an opportunity to realize their potential and the potential of this great country.

Hillary Clinton talking to voters in Tampa -

Barack Obama talking about real change and being a President who will bring people together -

We have a unique opportunity to elect a President who has the intelligence, speaking skills and personality to not only bring people in the U.S. together, but improve our relations with countries around the globe.

Very exciting and hope-filled times...