Sunday, December 09, 2007

What Happened to the R

According to Wikipedia, the R that used to sit on top of the Rainier Beer brewery beside I-5 , is now in Seattle's Museum of History and Industry. I miss the brewery and the beer every so often. Rainier was a pretty decent beer in it's day. It had a long history in the Pacific Northwest, starting in 1878 until the brewery was closed in 1999.

We served it on tap in the New Atlas Bar for 25 cents for a small glass and 35 cents for a large one. When I was a sailor I was glad when our ship docked in Seattle where I could have a cold one. Some of the Rainier beer ads from the 70's were classics. You can find them on YouTube.

Here's an old logo and label from Rainier that I found interesting. The 1907 ad for "...a refreshing beverage that is conducive to health and strength," makes me think I should give up going to the gym and take up drinking brewski's.


1906 Rainier Logo - Photo Source - State of Oregon Archives

1907 Rainier Ad - Photo Source - Wikipedia

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