Tuesday, August 11, 2020

MST3k 416 - Fire Maidens of Outer Space

Mystery Science Theater 3000 can be pretty funny.  It aired for about ten years starting in 1989. I used to watch it with my daughters when they were young - they may have liked the robots more than the jokes but we enjoyed watching it together.

I'm also getting a kick out of watching Maxwell (Mr. Max) a funny cockatoo who lives with a guy that rescued him. Max belonged to an elderly man who passed away. Max listened to a scanner or a radio and imitates those sounds sometimes. I think he's super cute but I can see why having a bird like that is a huge commitment. He loves to bite on things and can break pieces of wood with his beak. 

Have you ever heard of the Gartner Hype Cycle? Yeah me neither..but I hope we are coming out of the trough of disillusionment and moving up the slope of enlightenment. If what's going on in the world, and our country, now doesn't cause a person to question some of their preconceived notions nothing will.

Friends don't let friends watch Fox News...if only that was true or possible. It's impossible to quantify the damage those millionaires paid by billionaires have done to our country. These two stories about how confused people who watch Fox News are about Covid-19 are tragic.