Sunday, April 05, 2020

Gardening, Heavenly Biscuits, Sourdough and Church

The couple Hollis and Nancy, and their dog Bing Bing have hundreds of helpful videos about container gardening, raised bed gardening, backyard gardening, larger scale gardening, building, cooking, and raising poultry. They are interesting, relaxing to watch, and may help us think about alternative ways to help feed ourselves and other people. 

Victory gardens were promoted by the agricultural scientist George Washington Carver and used in WW-I and WW-II to supplement the food supply and boost morale in various countries. 

This video isn't from Hollis and Nancy but the lady who made it seems to know her stuff when it comes to making a sourdough starter. At the end she makes a loaf of sour dough bread and it looks delicious. I've fiddled around with sourdough starter before but didn't realize it took so much care and feeding to get it going. It might be a fun project for someone at home to spend 7 or 8 days taking care of a sour dough starter and then make some tasty sourdough bread or pancakes (like taking care of your Tamagotchi except you get to eat it at the end).

If you have some young bakers or scientists at home the book Bread Lab from plant researchers at The Bread Lab at Washington State University in Mount Vernon, might be of interest. The book is targeted at K-Grade 3 but I'm sure some  younger or older people might like it.

On this Palm Sunday and throughout the weeks to come I hope that people are finding the resources they need to stay calm, strong, and resourceful. Our Saviours Lutheran Church, here in Everett, has been providing online services that I've found to be helpful in coping with these challenging times.