Monday, June 27, 2011

Port Hardy to Prince Rupert

It's a 17 hour ferry trip from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert. 15 hours traveling and 2 hours getting on board.

It's super.

I can't imagine anything else in the world like that inside passage. Miles and miles of water with mountains on either side and almost no people. There's an odd sail boat or fishing boat or light house here and there but pretty much just wilderness.

The B.C. Ferry I rode on is called the Northern Expedition. It was built in 2009 and cruises at 20 knots. It's like new. The people working on board were all really nice. I'm glad I had a cabin to stash my stuff in but I didn't spend much time in there.

Most people on the trip are from European countries - Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, England are near the top and interestingly enough the fewest people on board are from Canada and the U.S. (I got this info from the purser's talk about things to do in the area).

It was a sunny day and totally relaxing listening to the hum of the diesels and feeling the clean air.

I got into Prince Rupert just before 11 pm and it was still light outside. I'm kicking around here until Tuesday at 7 pm when I catch the Alaska State Ferry to Juneau. The trip up takes 26 hours, the trip back takes 33 hours because they swing out to Sitka.