Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Riding and Singing In The Rain

We had a lot of rain today.

I got to try out my NEOS rain boots - they work great and I think they will last for awhile.

It's sort of funny when people comment how wet you must be riding a motorcycle (or doing anything else outside) when it's raining. The only part of me that's wet is my face unless I'm wearing a full-face helmet and then I'm dry all over.

It's all about having the right clothes for any weather. Rain pants, jacket, waterproof/warm gloves and rain boots and you're good to go for weather above freezing.

I try to avoid riding in the rain in areas where the traffic is really heavy and the speed limit is 55 or above. The spray from the cars can make it hard to see and hard for people to see you. I avoid riding in the rain at night as well - the reflection of headlights off the rain drops on your windshield, face-shield, goggles or glasses makes it hard to see. I try to avoid riding, or I'm really careful, when riding after a dry spell followed by rain since the oil/water mix can make for some slick spots until the rain has a chance to wash the roads off. Riding around town in traffic, or on roads with not too much traffic, when it's raining is no big deal as long as you practice your smooth riding techniques.

The thing I like best about riding in the rain is that it gets me in touch with the natural world and reminds me I'm alive. It was really a blast today to feel the wet wind on my face. Maybe it's because I spend so much time inside for work but I feel alive when I'm out in the rain - it makes me want to sing (sometimes) and it's a whole lot better than sitting at a desk (all the time).