Thursday, June 24, 2010

Copilot Live - Motorcycle iPhone GPS App

I got the CoPilot Live iPhone GPS application last night. The US version is $5 on sale now. I spent $20 so I could get Canada too. There's no monthly charge with CoPilot so it's one of the least expensive options for iPhone GPS applications.

The main reason I wanted Copilot is that it stores it's maps on your iPhone so you don't need cell coverage like you do when you use Google maps. You can use the iPhone GPS and the CoPilot map to figure out where the heck you are and how to get to your next destination in areas without cell coverage or with poor cell coverage where Google maps take forever to load.

CoPilot allows you to choose a route for a car, RV, motorcycle, bicycle or walking. It has a bunch of features to play around with like automatic uploads of your destination and ETA to Facebook and the ability to allow friends to see your progress on a map - but I just like having the option of getting directions when I need them without having to carry maps.


I'm going to install a marine grade cigarette lighter socket on the Concours and use a Mini USB Car Charger Adapter so I can charge my iPhone while on a motorcycle trip.

Just have to get that pesky oil leak fixed. While I'm waiting for parts I think I'll remove the rear wheel and ask the local independent MC shop to mount the new Elite 3 tire so the bike will be all ready for summer riding. I wanted to wear that tire out but I'd rather replace a tire before I have to than have it fail at speed or out in the boon docks somewhere.