Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nice Weekend

It was in the 50's Saturday and Sunday. I got the outdoor Christmas lights put away, cut up the Christmas tree to put in the recycle bin and rode my Sportster 150 miles; 50 miles on Saturday and 100 miles today - not bad for the first part of January.

Saturday was sunny and I was able to ride comfortably with a sweater, gloves and jeans. Sunday was cloudy and a little windy so I rode with my leather jacket, gloves and over-pants.

I rode the Snohomish River Road, Old Snohomish-Monroe Road and Ben Howard Road to Sultan then headed up to Goldbar and then back west to Kayak Point Park which is about a 104 mile trip. The bike used just under 2 gallons of gas.

I'm averaging about 1000 miles a month on two wheels. On a monthly basis that is about 320 miles commuting and 680 miles just tooling around. I still haven't taken an overnight trip because of time/work/vacation/weather constraints but there are plenty of nice places to ride in this area and I'm looking forward to some longer trips this summer.