Thursday, June 25, 2009

We Have Enough

Inward/outward is a good place for inspirational ideas and interesting comments. You can sign up to get their thought of the day in an email if you like this sort of thing. I liked the post from yesterday titled "We Have Enough" by Cecile Andrews -
"Being mindful is hard for us because we are always anxious about time…. Learning that we have enough—money, time, love—may be our most important lesson. Even when we eliminate the apparent obstacles of working and consuming too much, we still have trouble relaxing and enjoying the present moment. So the problem is not just the scarcity of time, it’s our attitude toward time. That little voice always creeps in: You’d better hurry, you’ve got a lot to do, you’re not getting enough done, time is running out. What does this mean in terms of feeling alive? Surely, if things keep on this way, when we come to die, we will discover that we have not lived."

Source - inward/outward

They carry on the theme of taking time in today's post with the poem Invitation by Mary Oliver which starts out -
"Oh do you have time, to linger, for just a little while..."