Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Should Have Invested in a Dragon Tooth

A comment from thundergoraq166 on the Pets & pet parts price list at Last Chaos - Guides & Information at wetpaint.com -

"dude the last time i got a dragon tooth i sold it for 5.000 and that was 2 years ago.... what happened?"

That's a good question - a dragon tooth is going for 12,500,000 now.

I know nothing about the MMORPG game Last Chaos but it looks interesting.

The Last Chaos wiki is nominated for the 2009 - Wetpaint Golden Paint Can Awards along with a lot of other cool wikis like Oh Snap Science is Cool! - Ms. Genta's Science Website. Be sure and check out the Science Song - Science Science Baby.


Random Note - The acronym MMORPG reminded me of the hilarious Emmy Award Winning South Park episode "Make Love not Warcraft." Here's a link to a clip, but you have to watch the whole episode to get the full effect - it's available here.