Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Joe Raiola - The Joy of Censorship

I'm looking forward to hearing Joe Raiola, senior editor of Mad Magazine, talk at the Everett Public Library tonight. His ideas on our first amendment rights to free speech sound thought provoking.

For kids who grew up in the 1960's Mad Magazine was "the" source for anti-establishment humor, goofy humor and satirical digs at everything from politics to Hollywood to Madison Avenue and advertiser driven consumerism. It was funny and edgy for it's time. I was lucky to have teachers and parents who believed it was better to be reading something (even Mad or comic books) than nothing at all.

I like his advice quoted in this article -
"Question authority to the highest possible level whether it be political, religious, or that of any expert," said Raiola. "Continue to think for yourself; don't let anyone silence you - consciousness is power."