Monday, January 19, 2009

Edgar The Toy Fox Terrier

TFT - Edgar
Originally uploaded by Jack Crossen
We adopted a new Toy Fox Terrier puppy in December. His primary name is Edgar although he also goes by Eddie, Ed, Bitey, Pip or TFT. He's a great little dog, very smart, lovable and funny. He doesn't bark unless there's a reason, he's taken to house training quickly and will fetch a ball until you get tired of throwing it.

He's good around Billy although a bit of a pest since he loves to play keep away with the ball, take little nips and play fight a lot. Bill is good about not chomping on the little guy. I'm looking forward to having Ed get used to a collar and then a leash so we can go for walks when it gets warmer. He's perfectly happy to be inside and gets plenty of exercise running and jumping around the house so there's no big rush.

We've left Edgar home alone once and he did fine. He was confined to the kitchen and bathroom area since there isn't anything in those areas for him to accidently chew to pieces or electrical cords that could be dangerous if he bites on them.

Edgar is about 10 weeks old in this picture of Bill and him sleeping. Bill isn't a big dog but he looks a lot bigger besides Edgar. Edgar is about 4 months old now and will be about 10 inches and 7 pounds when he grows up.

Postscript - January 19th Evening

Saying a dog is a great dog or a good dog or a smart dog is a relative term.

For someone who's never had a dog, Edgar might seem like a bad dog sometimes. For example today he -

Ripped a hole in one of our good sheets
Unwrapped two bars of soap and licked them for awhile
Picked up a piece of dried cat poop in his mouth while he was outside
Came back inside and threw up on the carpet
Pooped on a blanket that we'd left for him to lay on
Picked up a leaf from the Ficus tree and ran away with it in his mouth after I tried to get him to drop it
Drank some dirty water out of the Ficus tree pot even though he has clean water in abundance.

He wasn't home alone, and he isn't a bad dog at all - he was just acting like a pup.

To me he's a great dog. He's really funny and is training us well.