Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Taking Time

Originally uploaded by Jack Crossen
Life's a journey not a destination.

As Harry Chapin wrote, "It's got to be the going not the getting there that's good."

If you want to foster happiness and creativity, take the time to slow down and smell the roses - and while your at it try nibbling a few and later reading a book to learn more about them. Slowing down and taking our time, allows us to see all sorts of things to be curious about - providing us with opportunities for learning, growth and new discoveries.

We frequently treat our lives like a road trip where we want to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. We pass a lot of interesting attractions on the way and think to ourselves, "one of these days I should stop there". Unfortunately in some sense - we will never pass this way again. That day, that time, that moment, is never going to be repeated.

Think of a river - if you sit down by the side of the river, or float along on top, you will see a lot of interesting things passing by. If you dive into the river, keep your head down and swim with the current you'll see the same thing in the water surrounding you, even though you have the sensation of movement. A lot of us are swimming frantically with our heads down every day.

Some of the most interesting people, places and ideas come to us on those unplanned moments. Take the time to allow for some serendipitous events each and every day - life's too short to do anything else.