Friday, January 06, 2012

Who Cares What I'm Doing?

Hi Monkey and Rachel by Jack Crossen
Hi Monkey and Rachel, a photo by Jack Crossen on Flickr.
What I've been doing since my last post. (By the way that picture has nothing to do with this text - I just wanted a picture and that one seemed like a good enough choice.)

Fixed a roof, fixed a fence, replaced a mirror and tail light lens on my pickup, visited a couple of auto junkyards multiple times, cut down a tree, dug out the roots, rode motorcycles most days, picked up and delivered a couch and chaise, got a new iPhone, talked to Siri (pretty useless but fun for a couple of minutes - I wish she could help me find my glasses and other stuff I misplace), worked on a lawnmower - ordered two new wheels (Snapper parts are expensive), got a free North Face 1/4 zip fleece from Moosejaw, ordered 75 dollars worth of misc. from Harbor Freight online (they sell cheap stuff - cheap), cleaned up garage, fixed a light in our bedroom, went to see the movie War Horse, made some potato soup, went to a designer clothing outlet mall a couple of days after Christmas (had to return a Wilson leather jacket that didn't fit B...don't go there unless you have to), joined Amazon Prime again for a free 1 month membership. I've been reading a variety of things as usual, watching some TV, cooking, shopping (mostly online) and trying to go to the gym on a semi-regular basis. I've been keeping busy.

I bought a copy of Pocket Ref 4th Edition with my Christmas gift card from Harbor Freight. If you've never seen that little book it's really interesting and has a wealth of information on a wide range of things, including how to give CPR to cats and dogs. It gets 5 stars from 178 reviewers on Amazon so other people think it's good too.

I'd say in summary I've been doing a lot things that are interesting to me and of no interest to anyone else. Blogs are good for that sort of thing since they can end up being diary-like and no one cares since no one reads them anyway. "Too many words didn't read" as someone says on the motorcycle forums I like to read. That strikes me as funny and really true - on the other hand I read several thousand words in a New Yorker article about an old man looking out his window through the seasons in New Hampshire and it was great - but that guy (Donald Hall - Poet Laureate of the U.S.) knows how to write.

In the last couple of weeks I replaced the passenger door outer belt weatherstrip on my 27 year old pickup, bought a digital micrometer, some JIS screwdrivers (Japanese Industrial Standard), and a big pair of channel locks. Repaired some cracks in the grout in the shower. Rode my motorcycles as much as possible.


On the other hand - I find this adventure story from a Danish couple that rode their 650 cc motorcycles from Prudhoe Bay to Ushuaia very interesting. They have a lot of pictures that are great and a good writing style that emphasizes the positive aspects of travel and meeting new people - plus they like licorice pipes so we have something in common. Their travel story is in the Advrider forums at Alaska to Argentina - N69S54A - ADVrider  and they have a blog N69° - S54° Americas | Going from Prudhoe Bay to Ushuaia on 2 motorbikes.