Friday, August 19, 2011

Valley of the Sun

I've been in Phoenix since last Sunday and have been enjoying the change in weather.

Yesterday set a record high for August 18th of 112 degrees. It was hot and sunny until late in the afternoon when a dust storm blew in, followed by rain, lightning and thunder. Airplanes couldn't land or takeoff for 40 minutes at Sky Harbor Airport because of the dust, and the wind caused some damage to homes and loss of power. There were some microbursts in the area - so overall some pretty interesting weather.

Earlier this week we ate dinner at the Different Pointe of View restaurant at the Tapatio Cliffs Resort which was great. Super nice view, ambiance and excellent food. I'd stay at that resort if I was coming here for a vacation. Besides the food and view they have acres of pools, as the website says, "The Falls Water Village offers acres of pools, terraced waterfalls and an abundance of poolside lounges to soak in the sun." Looks fun.

This is a snapshot of my dessert - two types of sorbet and an artistic presentation. It was very tasty.

Since this is a business trip I'm out in a business hotel - which is fine too. There's a Greek market and cafe right next door that has good fresh hummus, falafel and pita. There's a pool, workout room and decent food so I'm not complaining.

If I had more time and maybe if it was a little cooler I'd look into renting a motorcycle and heading out into the desert and up into the mountains to Flagstaff.

Maybe next time.