Monday, July 19, 2010

Hey Who's Road is This?

These critters were standing on Highway 3B to Rossland B.C. and eventually moved over to the side when enough cars came along. It looks like they are still shedding their winter coats.

It's a nice drive in the West Kootenay mountains. I took the Grand Forks, Christina Lake, Rossland, Trail, Waneta, Nelway and Creston route. Next time I'd like to head north to Nelson and points further.

I also got a photo of a nice deer at the Danville border crossing north of Republic, WA. before seeing these mountain sheep.

I got in trouble for taking that photo. Well a little anyway - there weren't any other vehicles at that crossing and the border agent had cleared me to go into Canada. I saw a deer walking by as I was getting ready to get back on my motorcycle. I left my motorcycle parked in the crossing and walked over to take a picture. The customs guy came out and told me "we do have other cars coming through here - and we really don't like cameras." Okay fine sir.

That's a nice looking deer - almost looks like a lawn ornament.