Monday, June 28, 2010

Weather Guessing

We've had a cool spring and summer this year. Not a lot of sun. I think that's caused me to check the forecast more often than usual to see if we have any warm/hot weather and sunny days coming up. I'm not sure if that helps much.

For example....

The forecast high for this coming Friday July 2nd in Everett is 59 degrees according to and 67 degrees according to Over in Republic in Eastern Washington the forecast high for Friday is 63 according to and 70 according to

My point?

I don't think anyone knows precisely what the weather is going to be 5 days from now. Pretty safe bet that Northwest Washington highs will be in the 60's to low 70's, cloudy with some sun and chance of rain.

It could be worse - or at least different.

Forecast high for Las Vegas today is 108 and clear. Phoenix is supposed to get up to 112 tomorrow. Like they say though - it's a dry heat. It's sticky and muggy in Houston right now with 85 degrees with 83% humidity. I'll take the 60's to low 70's.