Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fox News - Mike Huckabee Show

Fox News justifiably gets a lot of criticism for not being fair or balanced but to their credit they have given Mike Huckabee a show where guests have a chance to have a conversation.

For example he had Bill Maher on his show and provided a counterpoint to Bill's belief that all people of faith are delusional.

He also did an interview with Richard Dreyfuss, who in response to a comment by Mike that Richard's views were "complex" - said, "sound bites are the enemy of thought".

That's a dangerous proposition to make on a network or cable news show of course but somewhat ironically they couldn't delve into a discussion because time was up.

If Fox News wants to appeal to a broader section of people, a more middle of road compassionate point of view such as Mike Huckabee presents, might be a place to start.