Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama

Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama for president this morning on Meet The Press.

Colin Powell says of John McCain and Barack Obama that, "Both of them are distinguished Americans who are patriotic and devoted to the welfare of our country."

He also stated that he was "concerned with the selection of Sarah Palin as a vice-presidential candidate" saying he, "does not believe she is ready to be president" and that her selection, along with John McCain's changing position on issues during the economic turmoil, raises questions about John McCain's judgement.

He says that Barack Obama has a steadiness, intellectual curiousity, depth of knowledge, and a definitive way of doing business that will serve us well.

He says the Republican party's approach over the last seven weeks has become narrower and narrower, while the Democrat's have a more inclusive approach that crosses ethnic, racial and generational lines - and recognizes all villages and towns have value - not just small villages and towns.

Colin Powell is troubled that some Republican's are narrowing the party's appeal and polarizing people by trying to paint Barack Obama as a terrorist sympathizer by using robo calls and statements by Sarah Palin - and with the misguided attempts by some who say Barack Obama is a Muslim. Colin Powell points out that Barack Obama is a Christian, and that there is nothing wrong with being a Muslim in this country. He says how wrong it is that in America the land of opportunity - that people who are saying these things might make a seven year old kid, who is a Muslim, think he or she could not grow up to be president.

Who is the president we need now?

Colin Powell says - Barack Obama's ability to inspire, the inclusive nature of his campaign, his rhetorical abilities, his style and substance shows he has met the standard and has the potential to be an exceptional president. He is a transformational figure, a new generation coming onto the world and America's stage. For these reasons he will be voting for Barack Obama.


As a Republican Colin Powell is disappointed with the debasement of the Republican ideals that has come about by following a Fox-Newslike campaign strategy of no substance and all sensationalism. It is unfortunate that instead of letting John McCain be himself and provide a valid counterpoint as he did in this November 2006 speech to the Federalist Society we are left with a campaign that is racing to the lowest common denominator.

I have a great deal of respect for Colin Powell. If you want to learn more about Colin Powell, his book My American Journey, published in 2003, is very interesting and inspiring. This is a quote from that book -

"To sum up my political philosophy, I am a fiscal conservative with a social conscience. Neither of the two major parties, however, fits me comfortably in its present state. Granted, politics is the art of compromise, but for now I prefer not to compromise just so that I can say I belong to this or that party. I am troubled by the political passion of those on the extreme right who seem to claim divine wisdom on political as well as spiritual matters. God provides us with guidance and inspiration, not a legislative agenda. I am disturbed by the class and racial undertones beneath the surface of their rhetoric. On the other side of the spectrum, I am put off by patronizing liberals who claim to know what is best for society but devote little thought to who will eventually pay the bills. I question the priorities of those liberals who lavish so much attention on individual license and entitlements that little concern is left for the good of the community at large. I distrust rigid ideology from any direction, and I am discovering that many Americans feel just as I do."


Speaking of endorsements, Editor & Publisher shows Barack Obama leads John McCain 76-18 in newspaper endorsements as of Saturday October 18th. Some of these newspapers typically support the Republican candidate. The Houston Chronicle and Austin American-Statesman who strongly supported George Bush in 2004, and one - The Chicago Tribune has never endorsed a Democrat for president.