Sunday, August 31, 2008

Verizon FIOS vs. Comcast

It's good to have competition.

Comcast internet service offers maximum download/upload speeds "up to" 8/.768 Mbps for residential customers. The "up to" is key since the more people that are using the cable in your area the slower your speeds will be.

FIOS has a variety of packages but the middle tier residential package I have provides download/upload speeds of 20/5 Mbps. Comcast offers a "business" package that provides download/upload speeds of 16/2 Mbps.

My FIOS TV service is working great, the installation went smoothly, and the technician was competent, friendly and helpful. I ordered service Friday and had it on Saturday. FIOS TV includes over 200 channels and the picture quality is excellent for standard and HD broadcasts. Comcast has to use video compression for their video due to bandwidth limitations of their infrastructure, which leads to the blockiness you occasionally see.

The cost of FIOS TV is the same as what I was paying for Comcast basic cable.

It's good to have competition.