Tuesday, September 02, 2008

John McCain - Maverick Reformer to Reformed Maverick

I was a bit disappointed to learn there are only four official debates before we vote on November 4th. The single vice presidential debate is scheduled for Thursday October 2nd and the presidential debates are scheduled for Friday September 26, Tuesday October 7 and Wednesday October 15th.

Actually John McCain doesn't need another person to debate with, we can just watch him change his positions to fit the "narrative" that seems most likely to get him elected. The last minute of this 4 minute clip from the Daily Show is a concise look at some of his double talk and there's all kinds of other examples on the internet which show him saying one thing one day and something completely fundamentally different later. So what we end up with is at best a confused, and worst case lying and confused, 72 year old president with a vice-president who will be in one debate prior to the election. We deserve better.