Monday, November 19, 2007

Turtle Island Foods - Home of The Tofurky

Graphic From Turtle Island Foods
With Thanksgiving coming up this week maybe this is the year to check out Turtle Island Foods Tofurky

The Tofurky is becoming more popular every year, as the reported in an article yesterday - Vegetarians, Meat-Eaters Dig In To Send Sales of Tofurky Soaring

The article provides some of the history of Tofurky and says in 1982, the inventor of the Tofurky, Seth Tibbott,"was just an ordinary hippie living in a treehouse when inspiration struck."

It goes on to say,"an early version of Tofurky, made from soy milk, was a mammoth affair with eight tempeh drumsticks. Tibbott said he had visions of families giving thanks over a large Tofurky, only to realize that just a few people at any gathering were likely to eat it. The latest version serves three or four people, and the drumsticks were replaced by cranberry apple potato dumplings."

It also mentions that vegetarian foods were a $1.2 billion industry last year, up 44 percent from 2001.


I'm not certain but I'm guessing the name of the company that makes the Tofurky comes from Gary Snyder's book of poetry Turtle Island which contains one of my favorite poems "For The Children".

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